Clean Up Task and MTG Pro Tour Watching and Burger King
Magic the Gathering - Esper Design

Magic the Gathering Pro Tour - Standard - March of the Machines

Today, during my free and break time… I watched the MTG Pro Tour Games… made me missed playing with paper mtg cards… But still, I find MTG Arena as an easier access to playing MTG without shelling out much money… since building a deck on real paper cards is quite expensive… and I still get top experience Magic the Gathering …. 

Standard today is overdriven by Rakdos decks and some killer Orzhov decks… and I decided to create a deck with these colors … my own brew… inspired not copied… 😀

About Work

Today is cleanup day… like yesterday… I’m tasked with fixing the directories of our Team channels so that my teammates and me can scour through folders and files with ease. This would also help them locate the files they need faster.

Other Stuff

We went to the mall to buy some clothes for Aezy… ate at BK (Burger King – Trinoma) with our usual comfort takes..

Junior Whopper and Chicken Sandwich Junior… with fries and soda… Simple joys together…  

But… there’s a but… Our Sodas lack taste… so my wife ended up complaining nicely about the drinks… the BK crews were kind enough to agree on fixing the mixture of the soda… and as far as we know it lacks carbonated water… and since we can’t wait that long, we ended up taking the replacement: Iced Tea… This was the first time that the soda taste like sugary water… and I know by expressing our concern… we also helped them fix the issue… 

No worries .. Their sandwiches still rock!

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