Work is a 4-Letter Word

Work is a 4-Letter Word

Busy Work Week

It wasn’t the number of tasks at hand … but the hours you need to spend on some tasks…

Nope. I’m not complaining. In fact, I love workin’ on these tasks… I feel useful hahaha… and also I get to exercise my brain and fuel my mind….

But yes… even though, I really enjoy my job, especially when working on UI Designs and layouts… I’m partly human too and get tired and need to rest my weary eyes from the glare of my monitors.

What did I work on...

Well, I was task to design a sharepoint page and customize it in a way that it wouldn’t look like a Sharepoint page… Hahahaha..

That’s the challenge I love.. and with the help of the PNP Search Webpart Template, I get to improvise and declare css properties to remove some elements… and also add HTML markups to introduce the design they wanted.

It’s still a work in progress.

Aside from that, I did work on some wordpress mockup designs as practice and get that Adobe XD feel… It’s actually a very useful tool for UI/UX designers… I’ll be trying Figma after this. It’s the free counterpart and I think a lot of designers use Figma vs. XD.

Let’s design… 

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