When It Rains, It Pours

The scorching days halted when it rained this weekend. It was a blessing since the heat index is always capped at a dangerous level for the whole country. Personally, I hate hot weather. It is such a cumbersome feeling throughout the day. I feel miserable and affects my work and productivity since I work from home. Creativity is always at a low level when it’s hot. But, thankfully, God showered us with a stormy downpour cooling the country even for a couple of days. And that made me smile.

As for work, well, not really good.

I’ve been working on this task of create a revamped UI Design Wireframe for a big project. It’s a complex system done in PowerApps and I was tasked to design a new layout based on the same functionality but with a different approach which will be easier for the users to use and navigate. And I fucked it up… My two-week effort went down the drain when I presented my work to the team. Well, it also rained down mostly negative inputs due to not solving the issue of making it easier to use… And now, It’s back to the drawing board. I realized that my biggest mistake was attacking the loads head-on without making an initial block diagram to outline the entry points and the path to the functionalities. And with the second approach, I ‘ll try to conceptualize the whole UI thoroughly, step-by-step and conservatively with the walkthrough.


As for my daily life, it’s the usual…

Sometimes, I don’t understand why people complain a lot about petty stuff. I just think that we should be thankful on the little good things that make life better instead of ranting and whining about small things that make life imperfect. It’s strenuous understanding these people but It’s my responsibility to lengthen my patience and absorb the words constructively. We all make mistakes. The shitty thing about humans is that most of us focus on the mistakes rather than the good things done. I’m not perfect and will never be. All I ever wanted sometimes is maybe being understood and treated with a bit of respect rather than like a low-grade robot.

Anyway, I’ve learned a good lesson in facing challenges or problems in the future… “In everything you say or do, make it a decision and not a reaction…”

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